Fire Door Inspector inspecting a conveyor belt of fire doors.

Our service

Preventt is leading fire door inspection service in the UK. With certified Level 3 ProQual inspectors, we specialise in thorough inspections and detailed reporting on fire door condition and compliance. We inspect fire doors to assess their compliance with manufacturer specifications or British Standard 8214:2016 for timber-based fire doors. Our objective is to evaluate the structural integrity and components of fire door assemblies, identifying any issues that could impact their specified fire resistance period.
We serve property management companies, owners, and stakeholders responsible for maintaining building safety standards. Our inspectors meticulously examine every aspect, ensuring doors meet necessary regulations. Our clear, concise reports provide actionable recommendations for improving fire door safety. With over 45,000 inspections completed each year, including at prestigious 5-star hotels, we deliver reliable results rooted in our commitment to fire safety. We go above and beyond, prioritising the protection of lives and properties.


Effective Communication

The cornerstone of successful client interactions and client onboarding at Preventt. Clear and concise communication ensures that both parties are on the same page, fostering a mutual understanding of project requirements, timelines, and expectations.


Smooth Logistics

If needed, we can handle all logistics for our inspections, including coordinating and managing the scheduling. This ensures a smooth process with minimal disruption to your residents and staff. We coordinate everything end-to-end, so you can focus on other responsibilities.


Thorough Inspections

Our team of qualified inspectors thoroughly examines your fire doors, frames, and hardware. We check for compliance with manufacturer's details or alternatively appropriate standards. We identify any issues or risks for correction. You receive a detailed report outlining the status of each fire door on the property.


Clear reporting

Our reports provide clear, actionable information to streamline maintenance and repairs. We collect all the necessary information during our inspections, providing you with an organised and well presented PDF and CSV digital record that follows the "golden thread" concept, for ongoing fire safety management.


Ongoing Compliance

In order to maintain compliance, your building's fire doors will require inspections periodically. Putting a long term inspection plan in place will ensure your fire doors receive the attention they require on a regular basis, and keep your residents and staff safe at all times.


Expert Consultation

In addition to inspections, we offer consultation on all aspects of fire safety management. Our expertise in the latest and best practices, technology, and regulatory updates keeps you fully informed.